Latte Built live home workouts expand to five classes

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THE Latte Built live home workouts now offer five different classes conducted by five different coaches every day starting at 7:30 a.m. for free. Anyone — including non-Latte Built members — can join.

Latte Built owner Derek Cutting uses a coconut for a Roman twist workout at home.  Contributed photo

Before Latte Built closed down, Kerri Bauer’s yoga class was still available each week. However, due to Covid-19 concerns, there was a significant drop in physical participation.

“Once we shut down for good,” Latte Built owner Derek Cutting said, “I brought my trainers together (via teleconference) and we designed these five classes for everyone and anyone to participate from home.”

The classes are:

• “Yoga, core and more,” hosted by Kerri Bauer;

• “TP-TABATA,” hosted by Sami Birmingham-Babauta;

• “Quarantine Quickie,” hosted by Kerri Bauer;

• “EV-FIT HIIT,” hosted by Enrico Valdez; and

• “LB (Latte Built) Home Bootcamp,” hosted by Alberto Roberto.

Cutting said he is paying his employees to work at home for these classes “to help them financially, at least a little bit.”

He added, “All these classes are free so we, Latte Built, just wanted to give something back during this time of global turmoil by encouraging fitness and health even though we don’t have our normal routine lives right now.”

When the Latte Built live home workouts first started, there were only 12 members, but now they have 586 — and counting.

“It was great to see so many people enjoying and appreciating the classes,” Cutting said. “I see current members sharing the page with all their contacts so it’s nice seeing people from Florida, Massachusetts, Washington, Texas, Cali, the Philippines, Pohnpei, Palau, Guam, and more joining in!”

Latte Built locked its doors on March 20 in light of the Covid-19 crisis. “I am a fitness fanatic myself, and the last thing I wanted to do was to shut down our outlet for stress relief, Gainz chasers, and average gym goers,” Cutting said. “But I had to make the responsible decision to help keep our people of the CNMI safe. Four days later, Governor Torres issued the stay-at-home order so we would have had to close nonetheless.”

He said “once this Covid-19 disaster passes and we get the green light to reopen, my staff and I will do one more deep cleaning of the facilities and equipment before we reopen our doors. Trust me when I say, we all want Latte Built Gym re-open sooner than later! #LATTEBUILTSTRONG.”

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