Pythons strangle Mafia 1 in dart tourney

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THE 6JMS Pythons are leading the Masters Division of the Saipan Electronic Darts Association-Bud Light Dart League after giving the 6JMS Mafia 1 a 12-5 beating at the 6JMS Sports Bar.

The 6JMS Pythons pose for a photo after their victory in a SEDA-Bud Light Dart League match.  Contributed photo

The Pythons started to get their feet wet when Burth “Imported” Dacumos and Eric “Last Chance” Durano clinched the first two rounds of the opening Singles Regular Cricket. The Mafia then struck back thanks to Joker Camacho and Tim Mafnas for a 2-2 deadlock.

In the Partners 701 match, Dacumos paired with Andrew “Just Once” Guevara to claim the first round while team-mates Durano and Joel Gruy completed the sweep to give the Pythons a two-point advantage.

The members of the Mafia stood their ground and split the Singles Half-It, but they fell yet again in the Partners Crazy Cricket match in two consecutive rounds as the Pythons extended the gap 8-4. The Pythons added the finishing touches with a 3-1 run to notch the final Team 1101 match and seal the deal, 12-5.

The 6JMS Dangerous Dragons had a tougher battle but still came out on top against Amari’s Pin Shooters, 10-7.

Split after split, neither team could gain the edge after the first three matches. It was not until the Partners Crazy Cricket match when the Dangerous Dragons created some room to breathe with focused throws led by Joshua “Superman” Woodson who was assisted by Rick Elefante while the second round was dominated by Omar “LoverBoy” Quindoza with Raymond “Yatz” Naluz as the right-hand man to give their team the lead, 7-5.

The momentum continued to burn for the Dangerous Dragons as they pulled a 3-1 run in the Singles 501 match before finishing off the Pin Shooters in the final match to triumph 10-7.

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