Fitness tips from James Lee

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AS a certified personal fitness trainer, James Lee wants to share fitness tips with members of the public who have stay at their homes due to the Covid-19 crisis.

James Lee and his son, Dylan, pose for a photo at the Sabalu Market in Susupe.
James Lee poses with his 5 a.m. class at Latte Built Gym.  Contributed photos

“Staying in shape is actually not that difficult at all if you really want to stay in shape,” he said. “We just need to be more creative and to think outside the box — utilize what you have or what your surroundings have to offer.”

He added, “For those who have access to workout equipment, great! Now utilize it because many people I know would love to have access to it. And for those who don’t have any equipment, don’t let it stop you from working out. For starters, everyone has bodyweight — you can do so much with your own weight.”

He recommends workouts involving “pushups, dips on a bench or chair, squats, planks, hip raise, jump and jacks, burpees.”

He said if these workouts are “getting to easy for you, challenge yourself by adding more reps or combining some workouts with minimum or no rest period.”

Another way we can stay in shape, he added, is through “outdoor activities within your property. Yes, you can do some sprints for cardio work, and add some weight to your workouts by carrying a bag filled with coconuts while exercising. Pull ups on a tree can also be another workout you can do while at home.”

Here’s another way we can stay active and in shape: house projects. “It’s the best time to get things done around the house — do yard work, build that dream garden you have been talking about for years! Just because it’s not at the gym or a workout equipment with a trainer does not mean it’s not a workout. All those physical activities are also part of your workout for the day.”

Coping with the current restrictions and limitations are “definitely difficult for most, if not all of us, especially to the members of our generation who are used to things that are easily accessible,” Lee said. “But my personal perspective in life is that there is a positive side in everything. We can be more self-dependent. More importantly, for both our mental and physical aspects, we can think outside the box and not limit ourselves.”

Lee is also a fitness trainer for the NMI Rollers Basketball Association and a fitness instructor for Latte Built Gym. “Unfortunately, due to the Covid-19 outbreak, we had to put everything on pause to ensure the safety of the youth and the community. However, Coach Joe and I still encourage both the athletes and their families to stay physically active. I share some bodyweight workout routines as well as some workout challenges with Coach Joe who then shares them with everyone.”

Lee added, “It’s an honor to be the fitness trainer for the Rollers Club for over the past decade, working hand in hand with Coach Joe Diaz to train our young athletes, doing our best to maximize the potential that we know each of them has.”

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