Angel San Nicolas focuses on conditioning

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IT is hard for many athletes affected by the Covid-19 pandemic to stay in shape. So Angel San Nicolas, a gold medalist weightlifter, is focused on conditioning instead.

During the first few weeks of the island-wide lockdown, San Nicolas struggled to improve his weightlifting skills due to the lack of access to the local gym. “I don’t have equipment, the gym was closed, and I didn’t have anything,” he said. 

Angel San Nicolas attempts a 105kg/231lbs snatch during a home workout. Contributed photo


He decided to run regularly, at least for a mile, on Beach Road or at the Oleai track and field. "I’ve been doing more cardio. I work on my agility and strengthen some muscles that aren’t my strongest like my lower back, core, and forearm," he added.

Recently, he acquired a set of weights thanks to friends. "So now I can snatch and do clean and jerk. I also perform kettlebell exercises I get from YouTube.”



Angel San Nicolas completes a power clean of 120kg/264lbs during a home workout.  Contributed photo

Asked about his plan once the pandemic is over and life is back to normal, San Nicolas said, “I don’t know what the plan is at the moment. I will still train, but I might not compete anytime soon. That’s my mindset right now. It could change later on. I’m just taking this time to make the most of what I can.” 

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