Raegine Camacho is an up-and-coming weightlifter

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RAEGINE Camacho competed in her first weightlifting competition — the Northern Marianas Cup — at the multi-purpose center in Feb. 2020. 

She did not expect to be a competitor and was simply pursuing a healthier lifestyle, but she eventually seized the opportunity to improve her weightlifting skills. 

“I had to make quick adjustments with my diet and exercise regimen,” she said. “We trained five to six days each week. Aside from breaking down the technique for the snatch, clean and jerk, there was a lot of strength training involved. But making time to stretch and getting adequate rest helped prevent injury during training.” 

The 2020 Northern Marianas Cup featured 16 males and two females. 

The 2020 Northern Marianas Cup competitors gather to take a group photo at the multi-purpose center in February. Contributed photo

“Although, we didn’t have resources like those of the other active federations, every lifter made the most of what we had,” Camacho said. “It was a positive learning experience. We had to warm up at a much faster pace than what we were accustomed to because there were only a couple of minutes between every lifter to decide the weight they wanted to lift and to collect themselves before their return. Overall, it was a great experience and I think everyone enjoyed and did their best on the platform.” 

Camacho said she learned new skills and these have inspired her to pursue the sport of weightlifting.

 Raegine Camacho attempts a clean and jerk during the 2020 Northern Marianas Cup at the multi-purpose center in February. Contributed photo

“I want to compete as long as I can and I hope that more athletes will turn up to learn and represent the CNMI,” she said. “The sport could use a lot more exposure and there is a lot of potential in our community —we just need to expand our resources.” 

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