Norman Del Rosario to launch ‘Footcast’

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WITH athletes on island stuck at their homes due to the island-wide lockdown, Norman Del Rosario decided to start a podcast titled “Footcast with Norman,” which will highlight the local soccer scene.

 “The concept allows the heroes of the Northern Mariana Islands football to share their stories of hard work and fun memories with new and younger players and other members of the community,” Del Rosario said.

“We’ll have former players, referees, and officials from the past reliving their days of glory, which might spark interest in soccer among today’s youth,” he added. “Learning history helps you understand the past and can help you create the future. Studying the history of past players allows us to better understand their experiences and avoid mistakes.”

Norman Del Rosario and son Enrico pose at an East Asian Football Federation event in Mongolia. Contributed photo

The podcast is a 10-part series that will start next weekend. The pilot episode will feature the Class of 2008 CNMI women's national players Emily Gries Maxberry, Patricia Coleman, Natalie Hill, and Lindsay Davis.

“This will be a weekly podcast but I am still working on the schedule because of the time difference,” Del Rosario said, adding that more details will be announced soon.

Del Rosario came up with the idea after he and his son, NMI soccer player Enrico, discussed the history of the sport on island. “We talked about the early years and how good this player or coach was. We also talked about the soccer fields in the past, and how lucky the members of the new generation are to play on a turf pitch. If they knew the hardship that the players experienced in the past, they will appreciate what the NMI Football Association has accomplished over the years.”

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