Staying fit at home with Alex Lauron and Dexter Tenorio

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WITH local fitness centers on island closed, Alex Lauron and Dexter Tenorio are trying to stay in shape with minimal equipment by improvising at home. 

“Dexter and I are regulars at Gold’s Gym, and we also participate in local basketball leagues,” Lauron said. “It’s been a struggle, but we continue our daily exercise routines at home and make use of our old equipment and the new ones we bought from All-Star Sporting Goods.” 

 Lauron said he and Tenorio also use old tires, cement blocks, containers, and chairs for their workouts.


 Alex Lauron performs a tire flip workout that targets his core, back, hamstring, and glutes. Photo provided by Alex Lauron


They also involve their kids.

“My nephews and Dexter’s sons, Derek and Mickyiel Josh, join us in our workouts,” Lauron said. “We explain to them the purpose of each exercise and the proper way of doing it.”

Lauron said the children’s involvement motivates him and Tenorio. “Seeing them enjoy the workouts keeps us on track,” Lauron added.


From left, Dexter Tenorio, his sons Derek and Mickyiel Josh with Alex Lauron pose for a photo after a workout session at home. Photo provided by Alex Lauron

He said it is important to get out of one’s comfort zone and explore what one’s body is capable of. “We must keep ourselves healthy and eat the proper and healthy food our body needs. Consuming fruits and vegetables regularly is the simplest way to do it.”

For those who lack or have no equipment at home, Lauron said: “Use your own body weight to exercise by doing pushups, sit-ups, air squats, or planks just to get your heart rate up immediately. Also, improvise and get creative with what you have at home. But most important is safety. Make sure you maintain the proper form to prevent injury.”

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