Justin Andrew shares thoughts on rescheduling Mini Games

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JUSTIN Andrew, president of the Northern Marianas Paddling Sports Federation, believes that a proposal to move the Pacific Mini Games to 2022 could be great news for their group.

The Northern Marianas Paddling Sports Federation was originally known as the CNMI Outrigger Paddle Race Association.

Photo provided by Jose Quan

In 2014, during the Pacific Games Councils General Assembly in Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea, Saipan was selected to host the 2021 games.

“Rescheduling the Pacific Mini Games will give our CNMI government and federation more time to secure funds so we can purchase sports equipment and include the sport of outrigger paddling in the games,” Andrew said. “It will also give us ample time to train.”

He noted, however, that the Micronesian Games are also set for 2022 in the Marshall Islands.

“So rescheduling the Pacific Mini Games to 2022 could be bad for local athletes of other sports. If the Pacific Mini Games and the Micronesian Games are held close to each other, it would put a huge strain on our local financial resources as we try to support all our athletes. There will be fatigue issues, too. These and other factors could affect our athletes’ chances of winning medals,” he said.

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