NMI Rollers provide online drills for youth

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THE NMI Rollers Basketball Association continues to provide the youth with workouts amid the Covid-19 lockdown and self-quarantine.

Joe Diaz, head coach and founder of the NMI Rollers, said: “We want our youth to stay in shape.”

Head coach Joe Diaz instructs 16U players via WhatsApp.

Covid-19, he added, has forced the NMI Rollers to close their basketball gym and suspend practice sessions until further notice. “But the kids have been messaging us for tips and workouts, so we decided to hold workout sessions via videocall either on WhatsApp, Zoom or Facebook Messenger.”

He added, “So we’re now providing our players with workouts to stay in shape for future events and competitions.”

Joe Diaz includes his godson during his workout session with the 16U players. Photos provided by Joe Diaz

“After the workout drills,’ Diaz said, “the other head coaches evaluate each player and discuss their strengths and weaknesses.”

The NMI Rollers hold video sessions for each division. The sessions for 16 Under are conducted by Joe Diaz; 12U is mentored by Mike Mercado; and the NMI Lady Rollers are trained by Chevy Alipio.

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