Ol’Aces coach: Anything is possible with a creative mind

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PRESTON Basa, a member of the Ol’Aces coaching staff, sets a positive tone for young athletes amid the Covid-19 pandemic.

 He believes that anything is possible with a creative mind. The Ol’Aces coaches, he said, continue to underscore the importance of individual strengths and conditioning outside of basketball practice to each individual athlete.

 Ol'Aces' Ichihara goes up for a contested power layup against the Rollers B in the 16U division of the 2019 Youth Basketball League at the Koblerville Gym. Marianas Variety file photo

The coaches share many individual workouts to improve an athlete’s strength and skills, he added. “Many, if not all players, are always watching clips on YouTube and other online platforms. It is a matter of commitment and mindset,” Basa said. “This is a time to be creative because of restrictions to go out in public and utilize facilities.”

Basa said he recently saw videos of individuals using tires, hollow blocks, large bottles filled with water, among other things for their daily workouts. “Anything is possible with a creative mind,” he reiterated.

“Limitations at this time are what’s best for all individuals,” he said. “We need to approach this pandemic with a ‘we’ mindset to get through. I may get the virus and not get sick, but I may end up passing it on to another person who will not only get sick but could die. Therefore, staying home is not only for me but for everyone in our community. Let us all do our part and help slow the spread and hopefully beat the virus sooner rather than later.”


The Lady Aces pose for a photo with the Guam Warriors during a Guam basketball tournament at the Tamuning Gym on Guam in 2019. Photo provided by Preston Basa 

He added, “We are facing a unique situation that can be viewed in many ways. Many are struggling emotionally, physically, financially, etc. However, this has given many of us the blessing of time, which can be spent with our loved ones as we nurture our relationships.”

Prior to the Covid-19 restrictions, he said life had kept many busy and away from family. “We were spending more time outside our homes and away from our loved ones. We were at the gym, practicing, working, etc. Although we are passionate about sports and appreciate the positive impacts it has on our lives, I believe that during this time, we should focus on growing our relationships. Once this pandemic has passed, we will get back to the grind and continue where we left off.”





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