Virtual workouts for Lady Rollers

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WITH the right mindset and determination, the Lady Rollers participate in virtual workout sessions to stay healthy and ready for any future basketball event. 

“We can still train anywhere and no matter the circumstances — it’s all about creativity,” said Chevy Alipio, a trainer and player of the Lady Rollers. “Technology is one of the most useful communication tools these days. A lot of schools, clubs, and companies are now using video calls to do what is possible. So we must take advantage of it.” 

 The Lady Rollers pose for a photo after a 2019 Christmas League game at the TSL Gillette Multi-Purpose Center. Photo provided by Chevy Alipio

She said the Lady Rollers have been working out individually and are communicating through their WhatsApp group chat daily with workout drills.

“I have had a couple sessions with some players from our team,” Alipio said. “We mostly work on handles. We have been doing a lot of ball handling and conditioning.”


 The Lady Rollers conduct workouts virtually with Chevy Alipio as trainer/coach. Photo provided by Chevy Alipio

She added, “The team was actually supposed to compete this summer in Guam, but due to the Covid-19 pandemic we are not able to. But coach Joe Diaz mentioned something about a Guam tournament in November and I’m hoping that we could participate.”





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