Online workouts and virtual practice sessions for NMI Rollers 12U

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 THE NMI Rollers are coping with the Covid-19 pandemic through online workouts and virtual practice sessions.

 “In the beginning, we used to call in as a group and I would show them drills,” said 12U head coach Mike Mercado. “However, I noticed that I was having a hard time assessing them all at once through a small screen; so, I decided to send them prerecorded videos of drills.”  The players, for their part, “will send a recorded clip of themselves doing the drills. Coach Joe and I will later review the videos and provide feedback on each player’s strengths and weaknesses.”


Mykee Mercado of the NMI Rollers 12U works on his dribbling and hand-eye coordination. Photo provided by Mike Mercado

The drills include ball handling, shooting, and agility. “We’re currently using the ‘Homecourt’ app for our training. It is free and very interactive,” said Coach Mercado. “It was designed for basketball players in this time of quarantine. I recommend this app to every young basketball player.”

Coach Mercado also assists the players in the other divisions of the NMI Rollers Basketball Association. “Some of the older kids will message me privately for some workout tips and I assess them as well,” he added.

Coach Mercado’s coaching sessions are held on Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday from 5:30 p.m. to 6 p.m.

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