Sprinter Traven Quitugua looks back and forward

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TRAVEN Quitugua, an NMI national athlete, has accomplished a lot already thanks to the many off-island events that have shaped him to be the sprinter he is today.

Quitugua showed his interest in track & field at an early age, earning a total of 16 gold medals in interscholastic competitions and joining the NMI Athletics National Team when he was 15.

In 2017, he competed in the Fiji Oceania Athletics Championship.  He did not win any medals, but the competition prepared him well for his next off-island events. In the June 2018 Oceania Micronesia Regional Championship, he won a bronze medal. A month later, in the Micronesian Games in Yap, he brought home two silver medals.

Traven Quitugua sprints to the finish line during an athletics event at the Oleai Sports Complex. Contributed photo

Last year, he competed in the Oceania Athletics Championship in Australia and in the Pacific Games in Samoa.

“When I won my first medal in the Oceania Micronesia Regional Championship I was proud,” Quitugua said. “I got that win and represented Saipan.”

He added, “Compared to Saipan, the competition out there is much harder, but it is more exciting at the same time because you get to see new places and compete against the best of the best. Win or lose you still gain experience and learn from your mistakes.”

The young athlete said meeting fellow track and field athletes from other jurisdictions also helps him become a better sprinter.


Traven Quitugua performs a workout routine at the Gilbert C. Ada Gym. Contributed photo

“Seeing new places and learning from the pros on how to better myself and become a better runner in the future — that’s the best experience,” Quitugua said.

Despite the Covid-19 pandemic, he continues to train and prepare for future off-island events.

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