2020 Marianas International Basketball League postponed

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DUE to the Covid-19 crisis, the Marianas International Basketball League’s 3x3 and semi-pro tournaments set for the summer of 2020 have been postponed until further notice.

“We have two leagues under the MIBL that we were supposed to launch this May and June,” league co-commissioner Clint Albert said. “The MIBL 3x3 season 2 was set for May and the AK-Toyota MIBL Semi-Pro Basketball League was scheduled for June.”


Saipan Vegas' Douglas Schmidt Jr. was named the MVP of the 2019 AK-Toyota Marianas International Basketball League for his relentless speed and versatility on the court. Photo provided by Clint Albert

He said as soon as things are back to normal, MIBL will launch season 2 of the semi-pro tournament first, and this will be followed by the 3x3 event.

Albert said they want a more thrilling semi-pro tournament.  “We plan to make the experience bigger, better, and exciting for the fans and teams. One of the things we will launch is a cheer team. Prior to the season, we will announce an audition to look for potential cheer leaders to form a team and represent the league.”



The 2019 AK-Toyota Marianas International Basketball League Mythical 5 players pose with The Game owner, Clint Albert, and AK-Toyota vice president and general manager Clark Boswell. Photo provided by Clint Albert

He added, “We are thankful for the support and trust of Mr. Clark Boswell of AK-Toyota and the company, for without them our semi-pro dream will not have been possible. And we also hope to see the same teams and support from last year.”

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