Super Tech Titans value self-evaluation

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AMID the Covid-19 lockdown, the China Town Super Tech Titans continue to train individually in the comfort of their own homes. Head coaches Sohn Macaranas and Walt Mendez have also been instructing each Titan to reflect on their weaknesses.

“This is the perfect time to get into off-season training,” Mendez said. “The players can dedicate time to their craft and work specifically on an area they wish to improve.”

This file photo shows the China Town Super Tech Titans working on their defensive slides with Coach Sohn Macaranas. Photo provided by Walt Mendez

Mendez and Macaranas stress the importance of time management especially during the pandemic. “Improvement isn’t restricted to basketball, but to life in general,” Mendez said. “What is important is the time they take to work on individual growth, whether it be education, hobby, relationships, strength and conditioning, or a targeted basketball skill.” 

He added, “We encourage our youth to continue to train at home using the tools that they have at their disposal,” which include YouTube and Google. 


The China Town Super Tech Titans stretch before a pre-pandemic practice session at the China Town Basketball Court. Photo provided by Walt Mendez

Once the Covid-19 restrictions are lifted, Mendez said the Super Tech Titans plan to “get back together and hold team building and bonding activities.”

He said, “It would be a perfect time to rekindle their passion for basketball. This pandemic has really put a perspective on how we interact socially. We know that the kids truly miss the camaraderie and competitive spirit of actual play.”

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