‘The Crank’ to face ‘The Steamrolla’ next month

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LOCAL fighter Frank “The Crank” Camacho will face Matt “The Steamrolla” Frevola in UFC Fight Night 173 on June 20 at UFC Apex in Las Vagas, Nevada.

“I'm just very lucky to have a good management team and coach, Iridium Sports,” Camacho said. “They really helped me get this fight. I'm so glad I get to fight during these times — the future was very uncertain.”

Although the announcement was rather sudden, Camacho said he is grateful for the chance to fight again. “It’s my one and only opportunity to get back to work and fight.”

His opponent, Frevola, is known to be an all-around fighter and could go toe-to-toe through the entire bout. Four of his victories were unanimous decisions. He has also won via submission and knockout and has a win-loss-draw record of 8-1-1. He has only been defeated once in his professional career, losing to Marco Polo Reyes via KO in the first round.

“Frevola is a real scrappy guy,” Camacho said. “Tough…no real skill set, just fight-of-the-night material.”

The pandemic does not help an athlete who is trying to maintain efficiency, but Camacho said he is making the most of the situation. “This pandemic has forced me to stay home and do a lot of things that I'm not used to doing. I've been doing more yardwork — ‘lancheru’ workouts. I've been able to watch more footage and work on more of the internal stuff…. So it’s cool to get back in touch with…how I used to train, but with more resources and experiences to back it up.”

Camacho said he is in good shape and is ready for next month’s fight.

Covid-19 precautions will remain in effect, he added, so there will be tests and separate workout rooms for each fighter and team. “It's a little funky compared to the normal conditions of a UFC fight, but the coronavirus doesn't scare me. I'm healthy and strong and confident in my health.”

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