NMI badminton players training again

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AS a member of the NMI badminton national team that competed in the 2019 Samoa Pacific Games, Ezekiel Macario said they are now more aware of the level of competition that they will face in the 2022 Pacific Mini Games, which will be held on Saipan. 

Members of the NMI national badminton team, left, are introduced to their Samoan counterparts in the 2019 Pacific Games in Samoa.

“We are back at our training facility to practice,” Macario said. “But we are still cautious and are continuously monitoring the current situation,” he added, referring to the Covid-19 pandemic.

He said when the restrictions are lifted, the Northern Marianas Badminton Association will coordinate events such as friendly tournaments with the Guam National Badminton Federation and the NMI players’ travel to Busan, South Korea where they will undergo training.

 “The best thing about the postponed mini games is the fact that we have more time to prepare,” Macario said. “There’s no reason to be upset about the games’ postponement. What’s more important is everyone’s health and what’s currently happening around us. We can wait.”


Ezekiel Macario is ready for an incoming shuttle during a 2019 match of the Guam Badminton Invitational Tournament at the John F. Kennedy Gymnasium. Photos provided by Ezekiel Macario

Macario said he and the other members of the NMI team are “very thankful to NMBA board members for their continuous support in providing opportunities and growth for us players.”

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