Ada Gym has a new mural

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THANKS to a grant received by the Department of Community and Cultural Affairs from the National Endowment for the Arts, the Gilbert C. Ada Gymnasium now has a new mural.

Proposals for a design were solicited months ago, and Roil Soil’s submission was selected by DCCA, the Commonwealth Council for Arts and Culture, and the Northern Marianas Sports Association, which maintains the Ada gym. 

Roil Soil owner Shayne Villanueva said a team of artists worked with DCCA and NMSA in creating the new mural, which replaced the one that was created 14 years ago when the island hosted the Micronesian Games.

Blue is the dominant color of the new mural. “Blue represents our flag,” Villanueva said. “The mwar represents local culture, the star and the latte stone highlight our navigational history.” The mural also depicts some of the favorite sports on island.  


 A new mural adorns the Gilbert C. Ada Gym. Photo by Prince Factor


Villanueva said the artists are now putting the “finishing touches to the mural and, hopefully, by next week it will be completed.”

The artists behind the mural are Tim Deleon Guerrero, Pete Aldan, and Rex Susulin.

“It’s always good to be part of a project that is for the community,” Deleon Guerrero said.  “It feels good to make my own imprint on this wall, although it saddens me to paint over [the old mural] because I am a fan of that artwork.”

From left, artist Pete Aldan, head artist Tim Deleon Guerrero, and Roil Soil owner Shayne Villanueva pose for a photo with the new mural as backdrop. Photo by Prince Factor

Villagomez said Roil Soil is thankful to the three mural artists and would also like to acknowledge the help provided by Saipan Mayor David M. Apatang and his office, the National Endowment for the Arts, DCCA Sec. Robert Hunter, Arts Council executive director Parker Yobei, and the staff of D&R Visuals.

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