Joshua Meneses evaluates his post-lockdown weightlifting progress

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JOSHUA Meneses, who aspires to be an Olympic weightlifter, said he is coping with the ongoing Covid-19 situation by working out in his “personal gym” at his house.

“I want to maintain my shape and strength,” he said. Although the 23-year-old does not own many pieces of equipment, Meneses said he uses what he has. These include a set of dumbbells and a mini-size barbell with a few plates. “They help with maintaining my strength,” he added.


Joshua Meneses began his journey as an Olympic weightlifter in March 2019 and is slowly progressing since participating in his first official event, the CNMI Weightlifting Competition. 

The lack of gym equipment means that he must improvise. “I focus more on bodybuilding, home workout videos, and lots of running.” He usually works out from 7 a.m. to 8 a.m.

Joshua Meneses attempts the clean and jerk technique at the Latte Built Gym, which reopened recently. Photos provided by Joshua Meneses

With Latte Built Gym reopening to the public, Meneses seized the opportunity to evaluate his progress. “I went to the gym to work out,” he said. “I thought I had lost some of my strength, but in actuality I felt the same. All my lifts and numbers were still quite the same before the gym shut down a few months ago. So far, the only thing that felt off is my technique. So, I plan to take things slow and to continue what I’m doing and hopefully make better progress down the line.”

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