BBJ Fitness Corner | Fitness training amid the Covid-19 challenge

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NOW that the government has eased Covid-19 restrictions to allow the reopening of government offices and private businesses, many individuals are returning to fitness facilities on island. 

Gold's Gym personal trainer Jerry Diaz said this is also the time to focus on calibrating and navigating one's attitude and mindset.  He said gym members and other individuals, for example, will need to take the initiative to get tested and cleared to help prevent the spread of the coronavirus.


Members observe social distancing while training at Gold's Gym. Contributed photo

Diaz said social distancing rules must be observed at all times, especially at the gym. Moreover, one must wear the right kind of face mask, which can absorb sweat and will not need to be readjusted with one’s hands.  Diaz said it is also important to wear disposable gloves while training. Individuals must stay home if they do not feel well, he added.

Diaz said individuals who undergo strength and conditioning training will need to closely watch their intensity level. He said they must avoid lowering their immune system, which occurs as one’s body tries to rebuild and heal from an intense training session.

Diaz said quickly cutting back on food while intensifying one’s fitness training may result in injuries and sickness.

He recommends a slow and progressive fitness program while maintaining a balanced energy intake to strengthen one’s immune system and boost metabolism.

Here’s a list of safety precautions while exercising at the gym:

  • Maintain an appropriate degree of physical distancing from anyone not in your immediate household (the current recommendation is at least 6 feet).
  • Wear a cloth face mask.
  • Wear training gloves.
  • Avoid group exercise activities.
  • Don’t use shared equipment.


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