Basketball player Craig Padayao dreams big

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CRAIG Padayao is a 15-year-old athlete who aspires to be a professional basketball player.

“A passion for basketball runs in our family,” Padayao said, adding that he started playing the sport when he was 7.

For Padayao, basketball is also a life-learning journey. “I play to socialize. It is my way to communicate and create self-discipline. I want to excel not only in basketball, but in life, too,” he added.

 Craig Padayao

“The benefits of playing basketball are endless. It is all about staying persistent and consistent when it comes to practicing.”

Padayao became committed to basketball at the age of 13 when he joined the Ol’Aces under Coach Elias Rangamar.

“Craig has some talent, but he has a long way to go,” said Coach Rangamar. “He’s relentless in offense and that’s what I like about him. His athleticism also gives him an advantage against defenders.”

The coach added, “He’s still young and he has a lot of room for improvement. He’s a good kid, determined, ambitious—and that’s another thing I like about him.”

Playing for the Ol’Aces, Padayao has already won multiple awards. In the 2019 Rollers Invitational League, he was the Finals Most Valuable Player and King of Blocks.

“We, the Ol’Aces, practice a lot of different strategies every other day,” Padayao said.

The youth phenom is also into track field and has won multiple awards in the 100- and 200-meter sprints for Hopwood Middle School.

“He’s one of the top runners in middle school,” Coach Rangamar said.

In 10-15 years, Padayao sees himself playing professional basketball as a career.

“I want to be famous as a basketball player with endorsement deals with big brands,” he said. “I want to shine through and to be able to leave a mark for others.”

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