Michelob Ultra sponsors 2020 Gold’s Gym Challenge  

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(Press Release) —  In January 2020, Gold's Gym Saipan, with the support of Michelob Ultra, launched a three-month fitness campaign that aimed at changing lives in the Marianas.

The Gold's Gym Challenge 2020 offered contestants an opportunity to exceed their fitness goals, transform themselves, and earn a chance to win cash prizes.

Over a 12-week period, participants were photographed and measured to track progress.  Aside from their sense of accomplishment and a slimmer self, the top individuals will be awarded cash and promotional prizes, which include a $1,500 cash and in-kind donation courtesy of Michelob Ultra. Winners will be announced July 1 and July 2, and awarded their prizes at Gold’s Gym Saipan.

From right, James Lee, Marpac beverage sales manager, and Tyce Mister, Gold’s Gym Saipan general manager. Marpac photo

The Gold's Gym Challenge has been an annual event for the CNMI since 2013 and serves to be a great opportunity for companies and organizations to promote health and fitness to their employees by encouraging them to join the Gold's Gym Challenge and help support the competition.

About Marpac

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