A ‘reset’ for Colin Sinclair

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TO conclude episode one of the NMI Tennis Podcast, Colin Sinclair shared his off-season experience during the global lockdown of Covid-19.

“The first couple of months I kind of just had a reset,” he said. “I really needed that. I’ve been playing consistently for the last two to three years without much of a break. It was good to be in one place.” 

Sinclair said he spent his time off at his aunt’s in Toronto. “It was really good to have a relaxing period,” he added.

Colin Sinclair sets up for a backhand shot during the 2018 Brisbane QTC Tennis International Finals in Queensland, Australia. Tennis Queensland photo

After a few months of resting and resetting, the professional tennis player made quick adjustments and started his off-season training with one of his former teammates from Cornell University to prepare for the ITF tour, which may start in  August.

“For the last month, I have been getting back on court,” Sinclair said. “It’s been funny with trying to get a court with all courts on lockdown so we’ve been playing a lot with no net. But now the courts are up at Tennis Canada. It’s a really good training block.”

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