Patrick Tudela and Venus Raguine top 2020 Gold's Gym Saipan Challenge

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(Press Release) — Gold's Gym Saipan in partnership with PHI Pharmacy, Michelob Ultra, and Brabu Pharmacy & Wellness Center offer a huge congratulations to the participants in the 2020 Gold's Gym Saipan Challenge. 

Over $5,000 in cash and prizes will be awarded.

“This year's challenge was even more challenging because of the pandemic, but it didn’t even phase the challengers,” Gold’s Gym general manager Tyce Mister said.   “I’m impressed by the dedication, commitment and enthusiasm of this year’s challengers despite the restrictions,”

Forty-nine challengers began the 12-week transformation challenge journey and 26 completed the challenge.

“As a group, these 26 challengers lost over 315 lbs!” Mister said.  “This is an average of 12.2 pounds per person and 11.5 of that was fat body mass. The estimated decrease in percentage body fat averaged a 4.2% drop!”

One of this year’s most enthusiastic participants and the first to sign up was Carl Francisco.  Francisco shared one of the keys to his success is learning and helping others:  “I’m getting information and workout routines with what Gold’s Gym Saipan provided on our boot camp training every Saturday. I want to make sure that each exercise will be kept in my mind to share it with my friends and others to help them be successful in their goals.”  

The boot camp at Gold’s Gym was hosted by NASM certified personal trainer Aaron Tomokane who emphasized: “This is a transformation challenge and not a weight loss competition. We want everyone to be safe. We encourage body fat loss when necessary to be healthier, but we want to see lean body mass (muscle) either maintained or even increased as part of the transformation challenge. It is very difficult to lose fat body mass and at the same time maintain or even gain lean body mass."

Impressively, there were seven challengers who did just that!

This year an overall male and an overall female have been awarded. 

Patrick Tudela Jr. is the overall male winner.  He said his real challenge started about two months in and he felt like giving up. But then, “that's when motivation kicked in,” said Tudela. “Motivation from family and friends I hadn't seen in a while saying how good I looked and asking what the secret was. Also, from friends and fellow gym goer's who I see at every gym session. Some I don't even know, saying that just seeing how hard my gym partner and I work makes them want to work and push harder. Motivation inspiring motivation.” 

Venus Raguine, the overall female winner, stated that adding exercises into one’s daily routines can change one’s whole lifestyle. “Exercise has made me become more organized, helped me make better decisions, and motivated me to take on new challenges in life.”

Raguine also showed appreciation”  “Thank you to my Gold’s Gym Saipan family for your non-stop motivations!”


Venus Raguine


Patrick Tudela. Gold’s Gym photos

The 2020 Gold’s Gym Saipan Challenge overall winner results for male and female have been forwarded to Gold’s Gym International for the first ever franchise competition. 

“We wish our local winners, Patrick Tudela and Venus Raguine, the best of luck in the international competition,” stated Mister.

2020 Transformation Challenge Results

Overall Men

Tudela, Patrick Jr.

Overall Women

Raguine, Venus

Women's 18-29


Melo, Yanel


Villanueva, Sheila

Women's 30-49


Borja, Chutima


Camacho, Eliza


Calibo, Reydamellia

Women's 50+


Seno, Shielane


Rayphand, Jeanne

Men's 18-29


Francisco, Carl


Sugatan, Jonathan


Quezon, Reyel

Men's 30-49


Bahillo, Jeffrey


Deleon Guerrero, Joseph


Pabalan, Michael

Men's 50 +


Sahagon, Steven


Category winners will be invited to Gold’s Gym Saipan for the awarding of prizes.  All Challengers who completed the Challenge will receive a Challenger's T-Shirt.

Mister addresses those participants who may not have completed this year’s challenge. “There are often insurmountable obstacles and we know not everyone has been able to follow through with the challenge. Don't be hard on yourself, let’s get up, gently brush off the dust, and start heading in the right direction one step at a time.”  Mister further challenges participants and the community.  “With the extra challenges we’ve seen this year it really emphasizes the importance of a healthy lifestyle.  Our challengers have led the way in creating healthy habits and demonstrating an active lifestyle.  I encourage this year’s challenge participants to continue sharing with their family and friends their new, fun, and creative ways for a healthy lifestyle. Gold's Gym Saipan is here to support the community in achieving their goals.” 

Ready to go to the next level? or Not getting the results you desire? Check out Gold's Gym Saipan NASM certified personal trainers who are knowledgeable and passionate about fitness and nutrition.  And/or learn more about their high quality dotFIT products for health, weight loss, and performance & protein. Gold’s Gym Saipan is a full-fitness facility serving the community since 1997. They offer a wide variety of cardio equipment, rogue fitness, group exercise classes, free weights, kettlebells, suspension training and more. Call 233-4000 for more information.

Congratulations again to all the 2020 Gold’s Gym Saipan Challengers! Thank you to Michelob Ultra for providing cash prizes and donating delicious beverages. Thank you to PHI Pharmacy for providing cash prizes and discounts to challengers throughout the competition. Thank you to Brabu Pharmacy & Wellness Center for cash prizes and continued support.

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