BBJ Fitness Corner Fitness exercise modalities: Types of equipment

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 “I AM always looking for the latest or more effective ways to train my clients so they’ll stay motivated,” Gold's Gym personal trainer Jerry Diaz said.

For a new member, a fitness gym can be overwhelming and intimidating. But it becomes fun and rewarding when an individual starts to learn a variety of resistance training modalities and methods. 

Diaz said the three most common forms of resistance training involve free weights such as dumbbells and barbells, body weight, and cable machines. The other forms of resistance equipment include resistance bands, medicine balls and kettlebells.

When many of the gym denizens begin to experiment with strength training, exercise machines — seated chess press, leg extension and rowing machines, among others — become less intimidating. These machines usually focus on specific muscle areas.

But the most recognized modality is free weights: barbells and dumbbells. If an individual can perform movements using them, he or she can enhance his or her efficiency and performance due to the expanded abilities that free weights can offer.


Joshua Nocum, a year-round triathlete, performs a fitness exercise prepared by his trainer Jerry Diaz. Contributed photo


Joshua Nocum, a seasoned triathlete, undergoes circuit training. His  trainer is Jerry Diaz. Contributed photo

Barbells focus on compound movements that can enhance strength performance through  deadlifts, cleans, squats, and presses. As for dumbbells, they offer exercise movements in all planes of motion such as lateral, front, backwards and rotations.

For its part, innovative resistance training equipment includes resistance tubes or bands, kettlebells, and medicine ball, which are inexpensive alternatives that can help improve muscular endurance and stabilization whether performed at the gym, at home, or outdoors.

“As personal trainers, our goal is to help gym goers enjoy their time in the gym,” Diaz said. “When an individual steps into the gym, we want him or her to have a rewarding experience by maximizing the time they spent training. We want them to be safe and less prone to injuries while experimenting with various equipment alone or during group classes.”

Diaz also wants to remind fitness enthusiasts that while learning to use various exercise equipment, it is important to match each equipment with their physical capabilities.

Equipment utility tips

  • Ask a trainer for tips and advice on how to properly use a gym equipment.
  • Study equipment exercise variations prior to utilization.
  • Start light and build up to a comfortable higher resistance challenge.




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