Patrick Tudela proves that he could do it

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IN the 2020 Gold's Gym Challenge, Patrick Tudela took the “crown” not only at home but internationally as well. And it all started with a friendly challenge.

"I was challenged by my friend and coworker, Jeffrey Bahillo, to join him at the gym,"  Tudela recalled. "I’ve never gone to the gym for the purpose of getting fit in my life, so I wanted to prove that I could do it." 

The 33-year-old Saipan post office clerk took the 12-week challenge starting in January. It was supposed to end in May, but because of the Covid-19 pandemic, Tudela completed the challenge in April. He said having a trainer is the biggest help anyone trying to lose weight could have. In his case, "Jeff helped me throughout the whole process with a diet plan and a training regimen," Tudela said. The pair trained regularly and consistently.

"Being a first-time gym-goer I knew nothing about proper form and how to progress through a workout routine,” Tudela said. “Jeff helped with all of that.” He said he just mimicked everything that his trainer did during their workouts.

As for Tudela's diet, he said it was about eating “clean.” His meals consisted of greens and other vegetables, brown rice, lean meat such as chicken breast, sweet potatoes, apples and bananas. “No refined sugar. I switched to black coffee and water. But I also had protein shakes. And I ate a lot of eggs. My beer intake was significantly reduced.”


Patrick Tudela poses with his certificate after completing the 2020 Gold's Gym International Challenge. Contributed photo

Although every person who is trying to lose weight is usually determined to succeed, there will always be a point when giving up becomes an option. “About two-thirds of the way through the process I really did feel like giving up,” Tudela said. “Dieting started to hit me and I was always tired.” Tudela's job was already physical enough — he had to be on his feet for hours.  "I would tell my wife every day how tired I was, but she never let me give up. She encouraged me every day to keep going and to complete the challenge. She helped me through all the mental negativity I had about going through the process. Because I was a first timer, it was not easy at all," Tudela said.

In the end, it was all worth it. 

"I would like to thank Jeff for helping me through this journey. From dieting to the gym sessions. I would also like to thank my wife for always being there for me and encouraging me whenever I felt like it was too much to handle. I love you! And also to everyone who offered kind words and remarks about my fitness journey from where I was, to where I am now. I also want to thank Gold’s Gym and its staff for the opportunity. They’re all great people!”

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