Ron Benavente, Chris Leon Guerrero are May and June Aces

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RON Benavente and Chris Leon Guerrero emerged as the Aces of May and June following the Marianas Golf Association ace tournaments held on July 4th at the Kingfisher Golf Course.

There were 25 competitors in the daylong tournament with Ron Benavente taking first place and the May Ace title and Chris Leon Guerrero settling for second place and the June Ace title.

Ron Benavente played well and kept a steady pace scoring a low 41 at the back nine and maintaining his performance at the front nine with another 41 to hold a gross of 82. Supported by a handicap of 18, his net score was 64.

 Ron Benavente participates in a fundraising golf event at the Saipan Country Club in 2016. Photo by Emmanuel T. Erediano

Chris Leon Guerrero also played hard, but had a setback on the back nine with a score of 46. He improved his odds at the front nine with a score of 43 to gain a gross of 89. With a handicap of 24, his net was 65, just a point shy of Benavente.

James Benavente came in at third place scoring a low 39 at the back nine, but struggled a bit at the front nine with 43 for a gross of 82. He ended up with a net of 67 with a handicap of 15.

Aaron Benavente scored 43 at the back nine and 39 at the front nine for a gross of 82 and with a handicap of 15, took fourth place with a net of 67.

Lee Camacho was fifth with a net of 67 followed by Jesse Ramon with a net of 70. Ned Norita, Don Hallmark and Calvin Yamagishi had a net of 72 while JJ Atalig was 10th with a net score of 73.

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