Docomo Pacific sponsors 36th Saipan International Fishing Tournament

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(Press Release) —  Docomo Pacific, regional leader in innovation, telecommunications, & entertainment, sponsors the 36th Annual Saipan International Fishing Tournament, the largest international fishing derby in the Marianas.

Fishing is deep in our Mariana Islands’ culture. It is a skillset passed down from generation to generation that allows the opportunities for families to eat, share stories, and be together. Although our islands are navigating through uncharted waters with uncertainty from the ongoing pandemic, we must continue to rely on the things that matter most.


From left, Brent Deleon Guerrero, CNMI brand owner, Docomo Pacific; Gene Weaver, president, Saipan Fishermen’s Association; and Richard Mendiola, customer service lead, Docomo Pacific. Docomo Pacific photo

The tournament took place on Saturday, July 25, 2020 and was an opportunity to showcase our local fishermen and thank them for their community contributions.

As a returning sponsor of the Saipan International Fishing Tournament, Docomo Pacific is happy to once again provide its resources to further allowing our local people to demonstrate their skillset, while reuniting our recreational and business fishermen enthusiasts through a safe and annual fishing event. We remain committed to our people and community and look forward to the continued growth of the highly anticipated tournament in the years to come.



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