JC Ferrer, Joel Buco rule long course road bike category

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WHILE Butch Sublemente topped the mountain bike category of the Saipan Unity Lions Club 4th Annual Bike Race on Sunday, Joel Buko and JC Ferrer ruled the road bike category in their respective divisions.

In the long course event, the bikers pedaled in group with no sight of who was in the lead. But JC Ferrer kept her head up high and pushed through the four laps to finish first place in the women's division.

Marjorie Ganacias gave a good fight but had to settle for second place. Completing the top three list was Vernice Ronda.

For her part, Sheila Isla was numero uno in the 40 to 44 age category as the lone female racer.

In the men's division, it was Joel Buco who triumphed in an exciting battle for first place. Bob Ferrer was second while Mark Isip finished third.

In the below 40 category, Arvin Velasco excelled while Ariel Moises was second and young biker Renren Gaviola was third.

Leading the 40 to 44 age group was veteran Nap Dizon with Ernie Henzon right behind in second place and Elmer Esdrelon in third.

In the 45 to 49  category, it was Rusty Valino on top of the food chain, beating second and third placers Enrique Suba and Harold Balana.


Saipan Unity Lions Club member  Daisy Sablan, left, club president Alice Barbo, Mark Isip (3rd place), Joel Buco (1st place), Bob Ferrer (2nd place), and club director Boyet Escober pose for a photo during the awards ceremony of Sunday's Saipan Unity Lions Club 4th Annual Bike Race  at Banzai Cliff. Contributed photo


JC Ferrer gets a breather as she crosses the finish line. Photo by James F. Sablan Jr.

In the 50 to 54 category, Jojo Valencia reigned supreme while Bernard Laborce and Romel Isidro finished second and third.

As for the 55 to 59 category, Robert Tamondong powered his way to first place, slipping past Cesar Fortaleza who placed second and Phil Galang who finished third.

And finally, in the 60 above category, Ogie Laxama impressed the spectators by coming in at first place while Ponce Corotana and Danny Banez settled in second and third places.

The long course included the mountain bike category with Butch Sublemete as the overall top finisher.

In the 40 and below category,  Charlie Sendin was first, Renzo Avila was second and Rosalio Quintos was third.

Nathan Pagaduan led the 41 to 50 category with Hernando Cristobal in second place and Jess Gariguez in third.

In the 51 to 55 category, Noel Altamirano bested Nestor Abing.

As for the 56 and above category, Floro Derexes  claimed first place followed by Norlo Jacosalem in second and Boboy Aguilar in third. 

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