Statement from Governor Torres and Lt. Governor Palacios on the passing of Marianas Variety founder Abed E. Younis

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"WE join the Marianas in mourning the passing of an icon and innovator in the Pacific, Abed E. Younis.

"We extend our deepest heartfelt condolences to the Younis family and all the past and present staff of the oldest newspaper in the NMI, Marianas Variety.

"Under Mr. Younis’ leadership, Marianas Variety has been at the forefront of journalism and public information for the CNMI and Micronesia. He created the first platform in the Western Pacific for important news and information from around the Marianas and around the world for almost 50 years.

"He has employed hardworking and dedicated people over the years and continued to do so, increasing our local capacity and inspiring the next generation of journalists, communications directors, and public information officers.

"In his later years, Mr. Younis opened up the popular Caravan of Food, a Mediterranean-style restaurant, so that he can share the flavors from his birthplace in Israel with the community he loved and called home.

"His passion and dedication to the people of the Marianas serve as an inspiration to all of us who looked up to him. We thank him for his service, and we will continue to ensure his legacy lives on within our closely knit Commonwealth."

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