Young Pacific Leaders Ask Obama About Militarization

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OTE visits Poki Yaki Saipan for a treat! The restaurant began in 2017 offering fresh poke bowls that are customizable. Similar to an ancient Hawaiian style of poke, the restaurant let’s people select the base of their choice (rice or mixed greens), the toppings, sauce, and protein which can either be tuna or salmon.

DLNR's Sea Turtle Program helps the CNMI's baby sea turtles make it to the ocean on the first night of their lives. Biba DLNR !

Check out the first episode of our new scuba diving mini-series, Saipan Below the Surface: The Grotto !! 🐠🌊🐙 Big thanks to our sponsors: Joeten Motor Company, Inc., Sergey Vekhov of @Speedy Tertle dive shop, and dive instructor/photographer/videographer Daisuke Yanai. And thanks so much Vlad Melnik for starring and Lia Manalo for your graphic design wizardry on the thumbnails! Shout out to the crew who made this project possible: Sophia Perez Austin Barcinas Tahj Salas Riane Capalad David Butterfield Music: Sam Cooke - Having a party (ProleteR tribute) EP edit…/sam-cooke-ha... #SaipanBelowTheSurface #Grotto #Saipan #Marianas #Scubadiving #AroundtheIslands

Authentic Middle Eastern Shawarma on plate – Happy Easter CNMI Caravan, a middle eastern local restaurant in Saipan, has been serving the island with authentic middle eastern cuisine since 2012. According to the owner, Salam Younis, when his father started the restaurant and bakery, he grabbed the opportunity to share his traditional food with the island. #SupportLocal #JoetenInitiative2020 Out To Eat is, Produced by: Riane Capalad Edited by: Austin Barcinas Shot by: Tahj Salas, Austin Barcinas, and David Butterfield Photo grabs from: Lexi Zotomayor Blog

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