NMI Democrats to hold presidential caucus

Community Bulletin
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(Press Release) — “We are the youngest members of the Democratic Family in the nation, and we are excited to host our second presidential caucus on the islands of Saipan, Tinian and Rota — let’s continue to make history but most importantly let’s participate in our democracy,” said NMI Democratic Party Chairwoman Nola Kileleman Hix.

On Saturday March 14, the NMI Democratic Party will host its 2nd presidential caucus on Saipan, Tinian, and Rota. The designated times and venues are forthcoming. All NMI registered voters who want to register as members of the party are welcome and encouraged to participate.

Registered voters and persons who will be eligible to vote on or before Nov 3, 2020 on Saipan, Tinian, & Rota will be able to visit the designated voting sites and cast votes for their Democratic presidential candidate of choice.

As of Feb 28, the following candidates qualify for the NMI presidential caucus ballot:

• Former Vice President Joe Biden

• Former New York City Mayor Mike Bloomberg

• Former South Bend, Indiana Mayor Pete Buttigieg

• Sen. Amy Klobuchar of Minnesota

• Sen. Bernie Sanders of Vermont

• Sen. Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts

Deval Patrick, Andrew Yang, and Tom Steyer qualified for the ballot by petition, but each have since suspended their campaign and accordingly will no longer be on the ballot.

Last month, the campaigns of Mike Boomberg, Pete Buttigieg, Deval Patrick, Andrew Yang, and Tom Steyer either flew-in or rallied local representatives to gamer 100 signatures from local NMI registered voters to ensure qualification for the NMI caucus ballot.

“What  better way to make your pitch than to actually  hit the ground  running  and engage  voters.  It was quite  an experience   for  several  campaign  representatives that flew  in  because  they  were  not just  collecting   signatures  but they  were  also learning  about  politics  here  in the  Marianas  from  the  voters  themselves,”  said NMI Democratic  Party Treasurer  Evan  Yamagishi.

This week the NMI  Democratic   Party  will  be announcing   the designated   times, and locations  for the March  14 Democratic presidential  caucuses  to be held  on Saipan,  Tinian,   and Rota.  All persons interested  to become  delegates  to the 2020 Democratic   National   Convention  in  Milwaukee   Wisconsin,   pledged  to  any  of the presidential  candidates  should  visit www.nmidems.org  to receive  a delegate candidacy  form and submit  their  candidacy  on or before March  8, 2020.


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