Local author and nurse offers free ‘Clean Hands’ children's book to prevent spread of germs

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(Press Release) — As a public service to the CNMI and the worldwide communities, author and nurse Riza Ramos, has authorized a free ebook download of her book, “GermStopper Boy: The Clean Hands Hero,” for families, educators and health care personnel to freely share.

"The best way to prevent the spread of infection is hand washing," says Riza, a former Commonwealth Health Center nurse. "This children's book was written during the time I was teaching my own son the importance of washing his hands correctly."

“Germstopper Boy” tells the story of "little Eman, who just doesn’t understand why he always has to wash his hands. Then one day at school he learns something cool, and now he’s got all sorts of plans! What did Eman learn that made him want to become a superhero in his home?"

The story is told in easy-to-understand rhyme (for ages 8-10; 3rd grade level), and features bold, full color illustrations by Rodante Guarda.

According to a review on the author's website, "I used it for grades K-5 as a whole class activity. A book like this could literally save your child's life, and reduce preventable disease transmitted via their hands over a lifetime! The World Health Organization could really use this book to spread the message of clean hands!" — Art, a librarian at William S. Reyes Elementary School on Saipan

Download the free ebook at: http://rizaramosbooks.com, where you can also order the hardcover edition.

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