Take out what you bring in!

Community Bulletin
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(Micronesia Islands Nature Alliance) — The threat of the Covid-19 virus to the residents of the CNMI is real. The steps taken by the administration, and particularly the Commonwealth Healthcare Corp., to assure the safety and well-being of our community are commendable.

Photo taken at Laolao Beach on March 19, 2020.  MINA photo

Private businesses are also stepping up and following protocol as recommended by health experts to prevent the spread, as well as offering special services to the community to alleviate some of the anxiety that comes with emergency situations.

Continued public sanitation practices are also of critical importance. Our beaches have now become hangout spots for those who have leisure time to enjoy nature, but who also have little regard for the importance of a trash-free environment.

It’s common practice and an entitlement that some of our residents have become used to with an attitude of “let somebody else do it,” in this case, dependent on others to pick up their trash littering the ground. Well, in this case, Parks and Recreation and the Saipan Mayor’s Office employees are also subject to government hours reductions, so who’s left to pick up your trash? You are!

It’s time to take responsibility. We like to blame tourists for trashing our islands, but guess what? There are no tourists.

It’s our home, our responsibility, our children’s futures that depend on our good example and actions that we practice today. It’s simple. A call to action to feel better about yourself and make an impact.

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