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(MCS) — Mount Carmel School’s 2020-2021 Student Council officers are ready to lead the new school year with ambitious goals and a commitment to serving their peers and the broader community.

This year’s officers include Mount Carmel School Student Council president Maria Ayuyu, vice president Mikee Mendoza, secretary Katherine Avendano-Woodruff, treasurer Brian Youn, and moderator Skyler Poon.

Unlike previous STUCO officers, this year’s student leaders are faced with a challenging task, to promote safe student engagement during a global pandemic.

What distinguishes this year’s student officers is their experience and journey with Mount Carmel School during unprecedented natural disasters and recovery. Through their shared experience, the officers have all made a commitment to exemplify what it means to be Knight Strong through faith, compassion, and hard work.

Student Council president Maria Ayuyu shared, “I decided to run for Student Council President because I believe the student voice is more important than ever. Everything we know about student activity and engagement has changed because of the pandemic. With how much our school has had to adjust, I know it is important that our student body takes a more active role in redefining what student engagement needs to be during this pandemic alongside our school administrators.”

STUCO vice president Mikee Mendoza added, “We know how important it is to model a positive attitude and help motivate students during these difficult times. I firmly believe that school spirit is vital to promote student success. Student activities might not be the same for the rest of this school year, but we’re determined to help our students create or implement new ways to engage with each other safely.”

“All student meetings must now proceed virtually this school year,” shared STUCO secretary Katherine Avendaño-Woodruff. “That being said, accurate and organized information must continually be upheld to promote safety. One of my goals as secretary is to help my peers also develop their own organizational and communication skills in order to adapt to this new norm of communication.” 

Student Council President Maria Ayuyu is a graduating senior for the 2020-2021 school year.


Student Council Vice President Mikee Mendoza is a graduating senior for the 2020-2021.



Student Council Secretary Katherine Avendaño-Woodruff is a graduating senior for the 2020-2021 school year.


Student Council Treasurer Brian Youn is a graduating senior for the 2020-2021 school year.


Student Council Moderator Skyler Poon is a graduating senior for the 2020-2021 school year. MCS photos

Treasurer Brian Youn is determined to help manage STUCO’s budget. “One of the challenges our student clubs and homerooms will face is creating new ways to fundraise. We’re certain that our students will need a lot of guidance from us and especially our school administrators.”

“As a student council, our goal is to make this school year as engaging as possible regardless of the present circumstances we face,” said moderator Skyler Poon. “Since many of us are redefining how we lead as students, my goal is to also help students regain their confidence as leaders so our overall focus is readjusting to these new norms as critical thinkers and problem solvers.”

Mount Carmel School’s Student Council is the primary student governing body of the school that leads, represents, and advocates on behalf of students and the Knight Family.

The council coordinates student spirit events like pep rallies, facilitates student activity planning for fundraisers and other events, and hosts discussions and deliberations among student representatives from 7th through 12th grades on a wide variety of issues.

The council president is also a member of the school’s leadership team, serving as the voice of students in managing and planning all aspects of school operations.

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