IT'S been a year since Pho Tam Vietnamese Cuisine in Garapan opened its doors to serve the island community with delicious pho and other traditional Vietnamese dishes.

In celebration of its first anniversary on Friday, Pho Tam Vietnamese Cuisine now offers more variations of pho, a Vietnamese soup made of rice noodles, tasty flavored broth, and various kinds of meat such as rare steak, short ribs, brisket and tendon.

Owned by Le Cordon Bleu graduate culinary artist Richer Ta, Pho Tam also serves other traditional Vietnamese dishes such as spring roll, special shrimp roll  and vegetables served with peanut dipping sauce.

Located on Rosa St. across from Kristo Rai Church, Pho Tam opened on July 8, 2021, and initially offered four soup choices which included the Pho Tam Special and Spicy Pho, said Joseph Solmarin the restaurant manager.

These noodle soups are so special that it takes 24 hours to prepare the bone broth base. Each soup, Solmarin said, is finished in a special way.

The Bun Rieu or seafood soup, for example, is made with Pho Tam base broth flavored with a hearty mixture of tomatoes, minced crab patties, fish sauce and spices. 

For the Pho Tam Special Pho, the highly trained chef and kitchen crew must prepare a rich 24-hour bone broth with fish sauce, rock sugar and house blend seasoning, Solmarin said.

Seafood and wonton noodle soups are now also available at Pho Tam.

"We’ve had great feedback for the new soups,” Solmarin said. “But customers always come back for our originals, the pho and spicy pho."

He said their guests love the soups and keep coming back because "you can really taste the time, love and consistency in each and every bowl."

"No shortcuts here, you will definitely taste the difference and we will never disappoint our customers," he added

Today, Pho Tam’s many pho choices include crab noodle soup and wonton noodle soup with pork barbecue. For most of these soups, Pho Tam uses egg noodles, instead of the traditional rice noodles.

Special promo

For its first anniversary promotion, Pho Tam offers guests a chance to buy one pho and get another for half price. The options include Pho Tam Special, spicy pho, brisket, rare steak pho, rare steak with brisket, rare steak with meatballs, rare steak with tendon, rare steak with beef rib and rare steak with short ribs.

Pho Tam has also extended its happy hour, which is now from 2 p.m. to 6 p.m., during which guests can enjoy non-alcoholic mocktails, Virgin Mojito, Lemonade Pine, Strawberry Basil Lime Soda, Fresh Lemon Soda and 4 Season Cooler.

Customers can likewise enjoy Pho Tam’s signature drinks: Paloma, Blue Coast Lemon Grass Mojito and Lemon Grass Mule, along with four different sets of happy hour appetizer platters:

Set A — chicken wings, crablets, eggroll and crispy wonton;

Set B — chicken wings, egg rolls, crispy wonton and shrimp roll;

Set C — crablets, calamari, crispy wonton; and,

Set D —  crispy wonton and egg roll. 

If you order one happy hour appetizer, you also get one serving of fries for free.

Thank you!

On behalf of the Pho Tam Vietnamese Cuisine family, Solmarin would like to thank everyone for their continued patronage.

"We will not be here today if not for the support of our loyal customers and business partners, our vendors. And of course, to the Pho Tam crew, the team, for their dedication and hard work,"

Pho Tam Vietnamese Cuisine is open from 11 a.m. to 9 p.m., Monday to Sunday. They deliver through Easy Eats.

Pho Tam accepts reservations for any occasions or parties. It also has a private room (with karaoke) available for 15 people.

For reservations, call Pho Tam at (670) 233-7878 or (670) 286-8787.

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