THE Department of Community and Cultural Affairs-Division of Youth Services will distribute on Friday, June 17, checks for pandemic emergency assistance in the amount of $700 per qualified family.

In an interview on Wednesday, DYS Administrator Vivian Sablan said they have completed the review and selected 688 qualifying applicants for the emergency assistance funding opportunity.

On Saipan, 536 were found eligible for the assistance. The check distribution on Saipan will be at the Kagman Community Center. (Not health center as earlier reported.)

On Tinian, 80 were qualified. The eligible applicants can get their checks at the DYS Tinian Office.

On Rota, representatives of the 72 families can now get their checks at the Sinapalo Youth Center.

Sablan said applicants must take note of the following:

⦁ Selected applicants will directly receive a phone call from DYS staff for approval information. If no phone number was provided, the approval notification will be forwarded to the mailing address provided by the applicant.

⦁ The grant requires valid ID verification of eligible applicants. Both primary and secondary applicants must be present to pick up checks and have valid IDs.

⦁ If you did not receive any phone call notification, it means that your application did not make the list either due to incomplete supporting documents or the funds have already been depleted. 

For more inquiries call DYS at  (670) 237-1000 to 1004 on Saipan; (670) 433-9272 or (670) 287-3268 on Tinian; and (670) 532-9393 or (670) 287-2553 on Rota.


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