Mobil Oil Marianas on Beach Road in Garapan

Mobil Oil Marianas on Beach Road in Garapan displays its new prices on Tuesday.

THREE weeks after the last rollback, Mobil Oil Marianas and Shell Marianas on Tinian and Saipan reduced their gas prices again by 10 cents, and diesel by 15 cents on Tuesday and Wednesday.

The regular gas price on Saipan went down to $5.11 a gallon from $5.21 a gallon; the premium gas price dropped to $5.56 a gallon from $5.66 a gallon; while the cost of diesel lowered to $5.73 a gallon from $5.88 a gallon.

Tinian Fuel Services reduced its fuel prices on Tuesday night. The regular gas price on Tinian went down to $6.89 a gallon from $6.99 a gallon and the diesel price decreased to $7.64 a gallon from $7.79 a gallon.

On Rota, Calvo Enterprises had yet to implement Tuesday's rollback. Its regular gas price on Wednesday was still $6.69 a gallon, and the diesel price remained $9.82 a gallon.

Division of Parks and Recreation employee and community volunteer Max Aguon said the fuel price rollback is very timely because "a lot of people will have their work hours cut to only 72."

He said it's good news for government employees who have to “endure austerity.”

He added that he was fortunate to receive a monthly $100 gas allowance from JEM Co. Ltd./CMG San Jose Mobil gas station in support of his continuous cleanup activities around the island.

Aguon, who will be maintaining Managaha starting Monday, will now have to drive from his home in Chalan Kanoa to Smiling Cove Marina, Monday to Friday.

He will also have to drop by at Laly 4 to open the public restroom there. When he returns from Managaha, he will have to drive again to Laly 4 to close the beach restroom before going home.

He said he's sure there are other government employees who, like him, have to drive around every day, so any reduction in the cost of fuel will be good news for them.

CNBC reported that “oil slipped Wednesday, after two straight days of gains, as an industry report showed U.S. crude inventories rose unexpectedly last week in a sign demand may be weakening.”

According to CNBC, “Oil prices posted their biggest declines in months last week, after high-profile U.S. bank failures beginning March 10 and a crisis at Europe’s Credit Suisse. An emergency rescue of Credit Suisse over the weekend helped revive oil prices.”


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