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Gov. Ralph DLG Torres, 2nd left, speaks during the Saipan Chamber of Commerce meeting at the Hyatt on Wednesday. Also in photo are the members of the Governor’s Council of Economic Advisers: Jerry Tan of Tan Holdings, Mike Sablan of Triple J and economic consultant Matthew Deleon Guerrero.

Photo by Emmanuel T. Erediano

THE Governor’s Council of Economic Advisers on Wednesday underscored the importance of the partnership between the government, the private sector and the community in the implementation of a 10-year plan to make the CNMI a world-class destination.

This partnership is embodied in the council’s theme, “Together, We Can!”

Tan Holdings president and chief executive officer Jerry Tan, who chairs the council, shared with the Saipan Chamber of Commerce a 2020 year-end report and a plan to transform the islands into a world-class destination by 2031.

Tan said the chamber, which represents the islands’ business community, “is the perfect audience” because the council and its plans are about public-private partnership.

“One thing we want to see is the close working relationship between the government and the private sector,” he said.

Tan said there are 41 private, government and community organizations that are participating in the public-private partnership program.

“I hope we can engage as many people in the community as possible,” Tan added.

The goal of the partnership is to “allow for necessary capital investments in the CNMI’s parks and tourism sites, such as lighting, restroom facilities, pathway development and other amenities that increase the value of the site for potential visitors and residents alike.”

Through the public-private partnership program, civic organizations and business leaders have “adopted” public sites and collaborated with government agencies in cleanup activities and maintenance of tourist destinations.


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