REPRESENTATIVE Corina L. Magofna wants to know if the Office of the Public Auditor is investigating the sole-source contracts between the CNMI government and JOGO Sanitation Services.

Owned by Jesseleo Ogo, JOGO has been awarded sole-source contracts to disinfect the multi-purpose center, which was designated as a vaccination center, and the Department of Corrections.

Lt. Gov. Arnold I. Palacios has described the federally-funded contract as “outrageously costly.”

In her letter to Public Auditor Kina B. Peter, Magofna said the invoices from JOGO "have raised many concerns from taxpayers, including the Honorable Lt. Governor Arnold I. Palacios, which is why I am writing to you to inquire if your agency is looking into this matter."

One of the invoices indicated that JOGO charged the CNMI government about $21,000 for 90-minutes of work in disinfecting the corrections facility.

Magofna told Peter that,  "as an independent agency of the Commonwealth Government in charge of oversight and enforcement of public funds, I trust that you are performing your fiduciary duties under Article III, Section 12 of the NMI Constitution and 1 CMC §§ 2301 and 2304(a)."

These provisions state that the role of the public auditor is to “audit the receipt, possession and disbursement of public funds,” and “perform other duties as provided by law.”

"Further, said duties under 1 CMC § 2304(a) include a policing authority to ‘prevent and detect fraud, waste and abuse in collection and expenditures of all public funds.’

"I would like to request for a briefing from your office on what actions have been taken by your agency, if any, since the exposure of these JOGO invoices," Magofna told Peter.

OPA, however, does not comment on the existence or status of on-going investigations. All investigations are statutorily confidential per 1 CMC § 8563, Variety was told.


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