TINIAN — On Monday, May 30, 2022, Memorial Day, the Stallion Battalion participated in the Memorial Day ceremony at the Tinian Veterans Park. The Stallion Battalion arranged a color guard team for the ceremony, and many cadets stood in formation as the ceremony took place. It is a tradition for the cadets to pay tribute to the fallen.  Memorial Day is a day for fellow family members and veterans to visit their fallen loved ones who served in the U.S military.

The ceremony began with the presentation of colors by our color guard team led by C/LTC Ciara Santos along with C/2LT Jaedon, Lenteja, C/Cpt Gio, Vergara, and C/Cpt Guillermina, San Nicolas.

The ceremony then began with opening remarks and speeches by Mayor Edwin Aldan, Capt. Joseph Santos, and Capt. Kimberly Hofschneider.

During the event, cadets had the honor of presenting wreaths.

Sophia Su said: “I presented the wreath because it was a way for me to show my respect. I felt very honored to be able to present the wreath since it was a special day.”

Memorial Day is different for everyone — everyone has their own views on this holiday. 

But it is very important to know why we celebrate this day.  We asked cadets what they think Memorial Day was and why we honor the event.

C/2LT Ysabella, Palacios said:

“For me, Memorial Day is a day we observe to honor those who have fallen while serving us. It is important to remember the people who risked their lives just for us to be safe, have all the freedoms we have, etc. The CNMI celebrates this day in tribute to not only the local fallen military personnel but also to everyone who has died trying to protect us.”

The other cadets also felt the importance of this day.

“I felt inspired hearing the stories of the veterans and soldiers and how they grew up to become the persons they are today. I was grateful for the service they have done, and thankful they shared their experience with the community,” said C/CPT Hazel Mabansag.

We asked what their thoughts were on the battalion participating in the event.

C/CPT Gio, Vergara said: “For the battalion, I think they did great being under the sun and showing the people how dedicated they are. It’s great doing events like these — again we get to honor the military personnel who served the nation.”

C/CPT Hazel Mabansag said “it is important to recognize the effort of those that fought for the country, as many lives have been taken throughout the process. Those were the people who took the initiative to be at the frontline and fight for what is right.”

Despite the heat, the cadets paid their respects to the fallen.  In JROTC classes, cadets were taught the acronym LDRSHIP: Loyalty, Duty, Respect, Selfless Service, Honor, Integrity, and Personal Courage.  The teachings paid off as the cadets showed respect and honor as they saluted the fallen.

To conclude this article, we would like to honor those that have sacrificed for our nation and thank all military personnel who have served in our armed forces.  Thank you for your service and have an amazing day!

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