Bloomberg campaign rolled out in American Samoa

Regional News
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PAGO PAGO (RNZ Pacific) —Billionaire and Democratic Party presidential hopeful, Michael Bloomberg has sent representatives to American Samoa to drum-up support in the party’s territorial caucus.

The caucus is in Pago Pago.

To ensure Bloomberg is visible to local members of the party, his campaigners have erected mid-size billboards at several locations on the main island of Tutuila.

There are even small posters, placed on the back windows of cars, announcing “Mike Bloomberg 2020 Mo Amerika Samoa,” or Mike Bloomberg 2020 For American Samoa.

Bloomberg’s representatives also held a teachers townhall meeting in Pago Pago on Friday in which educators and the public were invited to discuss educational issues in American Samoa.

According to the party, the territorial caucus starts with registration and voting, and later the selection of American Samoa’s delegates to the national Democratic Party convention later this year, where a candidate will be selected to run against the Republican President Donald Trump.

The territorial caucuses are the only chance for American Samoans to have a say in the U.S. presidential race.

Persons born in American Samoa are U.S. nationals under federal law but cannot vote in presidential elections.