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Zaldy Dandan
Zaldy Dandan studied broadcast journalism at the Polytechnic University of the Philippines in Manila, and wrote and/or edited for the Philippine Daily Globe (1990), the Manila Standard (1993) and the Manila Times (1993). On Saipan, he was editor of the Marianas Observer from Feb. 1994 to Jan. 1996. He started writing for Marianas Variety in July 1996, and has covered all news beats on island. He has been Variety’s editor since 2001. A recipient of the Best Editorial Writer Award of the U.S. Society of Professional Journalists, and the CNMI Humanities Award for Outstanding Contributions to Journalism, his book of poems, "We'll Kiss Like It's Air and We're Running Out of It," book of short stories, "Die! Bert! Die!," novel, "How I Learned What Really (Probably) Happened to Amelia Earhart," and new book, "If He Isn’t Insane Then He Should Be: Stories & Poems from Saipan," are available on   
Emmanuel Erediano
Emmanuel Erediano is a graduate of Bachelor of Science in Journalism. Started career as police beat reporter. Loves to cook. Eats death threats for breakfast.
Bryan Manabat
Bryan Manabat was a liberal arts student of Northern Marianas College where he also studied criminal justice. He is the recipient of the NMI Humanities Award as an Outstanding Teacher (Non-Classroom) in 2013, and has worked for the CNMI Motheread/Fatheread Literacy Program as lead facilitator. he also has local community outreach experience. In joining the Marianas Variety news team in 2016 he has covered community, health, education, tourism, business, police and court news beats.
James Sablan
James Sablan has been a sports reporter for Variety since 2013. He is a liberal arts student of Northern Marianas College and covers all local sports: basketball, baseball, soccer, tennis, weightlifting, badminton, golf, swimming, triathlons, athletics, football, volleyball, and bowling.
Lori Lyn C. Lirio
Lori Lyn C. Lirio is a Mass Communications graduate of the Lyceum of the Philippines. She is covering health, education and community beats for Marianas Variety since 2017.
K-Andrea Evarose Suda Limol
K-Andrea Evarose Suda Limol is a graduate of Xavier High School in Chuuk, and has studied, as a Gates Millennium Scholar, at St. Francis College in New York where she obtained her bachelor of arts degree in political science in 2019. She was brought onto the Marianas Variety editorial team in February 2020, and covers the Executive, 21 st Legislature, the Emergency Management Office, the Commonwealth Election Commission, the Commonwealth Development Authority, the Department of Public Lands, the Nutrition Assistance Program Office, the Bureau of Environmental and Coastal Quality, the Department of Lands and Natural Resources, the Micronesian Islands Nature Alliance, the CNMI Arts Council, JROTC, the Military Recruitment Center, the Business and Finance Private Sectors, and Community beats.