Run Saipan at Tank Beach

Run Saipan members pose at Tank Beach after completing  the  2nd Annual International Coastal Cleanup 5K sponsored by Salty Skin Pacific LLC on Saturday. They also collected 113 pounds of trash.

MICHAEL Mancao and Rosemarie Chisato emerged victorious in their respective divisions of Run Saipan’s 2nd Annual International Coastal Cleanup 5K sponsored by Salty Skin Pacific LLC on Saturday morning at Tank Beach where they also collected 113 pounds of trash.

Twenty-three runners participated in Run Saipan’s first event in Kagman which made it extra special.

“It was an amazing turnout considering that we had a lot of other events going on like the cross country and golf tournament,” said Run Saipan president Edward Dela Cruz Jr.

In Kagman, runners had to battle, not only each other, but also the sand, slopes and potholes, a brutal uphill incline, and residential dogs.

Mancao finished first in the men’s division with a time of 00:22:34 followed by Sildrey Veloria in second place who clocked at 00:22:42, and Matthew Furan in third  at 00:26:18.

In the women’s division, Chisato  took the helm with a time of 00:28:26 followed by Ann Bang who clocked 00:28:44 and Jessica Ortizo at 00:30:51.

“I’m glad a lot of our runners came out to support our second-year partnership with Salty Skin Pacific,” Dela Cruz said. “We didn’t find a washer this year but we picked up a lot of micro plastics — 113 lbs worth!”

Dela Cruz added, “Thank you to the Department of Public Safety for keeping us safe. Kagman 5K was a success especially with zero casualty to humans and animals. Thank you Kagman for keeping your animals safe! See you all next month for our handicap race!”

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