(RNZ) — Nauru intends on building a new stadium to host the Micronesian Games for the first time.

The Micronesian Games Council awarded the island nation the 2026 event during a virtual meeting.

Nauru President Lionel Aingimea has offered his government's full support and said the country is looking forward to welcoming the athletes of the sub-region to Nauru's shores.

Aingimea said Micronesian countries ought to share the Games around its membership.

Minister for Sports Maverick Eoe MP, who was responsible for pushing for the bid to host the Games, has plans to build much-needed sporting infrastructure for the 2026 Games and to leave a legacy for the future of the athletes to boost their training performances.

"It is really an exciting time for our athletes and the government will ensure that the athletes are looked after. It is all about the athletes," Eoe said.

Nauru plans to build a new athletics stadium, similar to the infrastructure being built in Majuro for the 2023 Micronesian Games being held in the Marshall Islands.

The confirmation of the hosting rights will help start the process of building the structure.

The Nauru NOC President and current Speaker of Parliament, Marcus Stephen, said Nauru is "very keen to host the next Micronesian Games."

"We will be discussing the sports to be hosted on the island along with other requirements of the Council.

"There will be challenges but I am confident we can deliver a Games that our athletes in Micronesia will remember," he said.

The first Micronesian Games were held in the Northern Mariana Islands in 1969 and have been held there three times, the Federated States of Micronesia three times, Palau twice, and Guam once. Next year's Games will be the first time they are being held in the Marshall Islands.

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