A student rises up for the overhead serve during the second round of the 2023 season of Rocball at the Marianas High School gym.

IN Rocball’s second round of competition for 2023, teams Tomodachi, Nakama, and Lotus remain undefeated.

The heavy hitter of round two was Dylan Salalila of team Lotus. Dylan scored 4 three-point goals, 2 two-point xunks and 3 two-point aces.

In game one, Lotus defeated IHT 46 to 18, Nakama bested Sufa 32 to 18, Tomodachi trounced Bandit 51 to 8, and Phan Gotte outplayed Dusty Feetz 33 to 20. Jerome Monzon of Tomodachi came in second place as heavy hitter with 6 aces, 1 Kee, and 1 goal.

The most aces scored in a game for round two was by team Tomodachi with 12 two point serves.

Team Lotus was the top team for the most goals scored. The players of team Lotus scored 6 three-point goals.

In round two of Roccball games, there were a total of 41 aces, 7 xunks, 1 jam, 4 kees, 17 goals scored in addition to a lot of the volleyball’s type of court scoring.

The heavy hitters of teams who scored more than once with a 2- or 3-point score were Donovan Apatang of IHT with 3 aces. Alex Camacho of team Sufa with 2 aces and 2 xunks, and Nohel Simina of Dusty Feetz with 3 aces and 1 goal. 

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