Docomo Pacific introduces Whole Home WiFi Powered by Plume

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TAMUNING, Guam (Press Release) — Docomo Pacific, regional leader in innovation, telecommunications & entertainment, brings Whole Home WiFi Powered by Plume to internet subscribers in Guam and the CNMI.

The new internet plan is designed to improve WiFi coverage and speeds and help personalize and secure the home network. Enabled by Plume’s cloud-based artificial intelligence, Whole Home WiFi offers an integrated solution that home-owners control from the Plume app.

Plume works alongside Docomo Pacific’s existing internet connection, allowing customers to make the most of its ultrafast speeds in every corner of their homes, a common challenge when distributing WiFi in homes made of solid concrete.

“It’s important for us to provide you with more than just an internet connection. How you connect with your family, in your home is important to us. We want to give you a high quality, safe and controlled experience at home. Our new Whole Home WiFi service delivers fast and consistent internet throughout your home, it keeps you safe from potential security threats and gives you better control over your family’s digital health. We thank Plume for making this possible,” said Rod Boss, president and CEO of Docomo Pacific

Docomo Pacific Whole Home WiFi Powered by Plume brings subscribers:

• Plume Adaptive WiFi which intelligently monitors, adjusts and optimizes your network for peak performance.

• HomePass which lets members control guest and child access to their network, set up profiles, and pause the Internet.

• AI Security to detect and block potential security threats, customize content access, and block unwanted ads.

• Elegantly designed, powerful tri-band SuperPods that plug directly into wall sockets to ensure reliable coverage.

• The Plume app which puts you in control of all of these home services.

“As Docomo Pacific brings a whole home Wi-Fi experience to its customers, Plume will provide the essential services to enable a personalized and well-connected home. We’re thrilled to partner with Docomo Pacific and help bring this service to their customers,” said Tyson Marian, CCO of Plume.

Whole Home WiFi Powered by Plume is exclusively available at Docomo Pacific. Add it to your existing bundle or sign up for an internet only with Whole Home WiFi plan today!