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From the ruins of a storm, an Oasis emerged at Saipan World Resort and now all are invited to share this unique and relaxing experience minus the entrance fee.

Local Sales & Marketing Manager Mike Babauta shows a t-shirt dye sample along fresh pastries at the Oasis.
Candle making at the Oasis.

After Super Typhoon Yutu in 2018, Local Sales & Marketing Manager Mike Babauta joined the resort’s management and design team in brainstorming a concept to replace the former spa area that was destroyed by the mega storm.

“We are a resort geared to the family market, with the islands’ largest water park. We wanted to try something different and add a unique attraction to our guest experience, so we came up with Oasis. This is the first of its kind on Saipan,” said Babauta.

“Now that we have seen such positive feedback from our in-house guests, we would like to expand and invite our local market to come and enjoy Oasis. Our usual entrance fee of $20 for adults and $10 for children will be waived for the whole month of February and will continue depending on our local guest feedback,” he said. “All you have to do is purchase a beverage or snack and you can stay and enjoy Oasis for two hours at a time.”

Oasis, opened last October, is this airy, open space café and lounge style outlet with a twist.

“You create quality bonding time with your family, friends or even yourself here at Oasis. We have lounge areas for you to relax, read or reflect with a gorgeous view of our beach and property, snacks made daily at 2pm and beverages to enjoy, or we have hands-on board games or activities to enjoy,” said Babauta.

Oasis Manager Ronald Sanchez explains the popular Board games, as well as Cake Decorating, Candle Making and T-Shirt Dye classes.

“What we love about these activities is that we noticed, especially when parents and children are involved, that there are no phones or gadgets distracting them, they are really having quality bonding time,” he said.

Oasis’ classroom sits up to 12 guests in a room with a large projector that shares the lessons as guests follow along.

Cake Decorating offered daily at 1:30pm needs reservations the day before and guests could choose to decorate a slice for $8 or a whole cake for $20.

Candle Making and T-Shirt Dye is just as fun, reservations could be made just four hours before and $15 a person covers all materials, plus you get to take your masterpieces home.

Guests could also choose six different board games for $10 an hour and $5 for every subsequent half hour from varying skill levels from Crocodile Dentist to Chess and have fun spending time with each other.

Just to note, says Babauta, the book selection carries very little English options as they are still building their collection. But in the meantime, local guests could still enjoy the facilities and the activities.

“We invite you to come and try Oasis, it is really a place where you can just breathe, relax and feel comfortable,” said Babauta. “We are proud of this unique space we created and want to share the experience with everyone.”

For reservations, please call Saipan World Resort at 234-5900.

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