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“AS a former young basketball player for the CNMI National Team, I’ve learned that it is important to have a coach who can lead and guide the players with a positive attitude and mindset,” Gold’s Gym personal trainer Jerry Diaz said.

Northern Mariana Islands Football Association’s Norman Del Rosario, left, and team coach Mita, center, are collaborating with strength and conditioning coach Jerry Diaz, right, to develop a training camp program for an upcoming tournament this summer.
NMIFA CNMI Nationals goes through an intensive progression strength and conditioning training camp with personal trainer Jerry Diaz at TSL Complex.  Contributed photos

“Today, as an educator for middle school students as well as a certified personal trainer at Gold’s Gym, and a strength and conditioning coach for the CNMI National Team with the (Northern Mariana Islands Football Association), I am honored to share my experience with the youth. I want to help them enjoy and learn from every moment of their journey. I teach them the importance of preparation and of trusting the process. I help them make the best out of their fitness and life goals. I share with them the importance of patience, consistency, visualizing the end result, and staying disciplined to make their dreams a reality.”

Guiding the youth is Diaz’s forte and he said it starts with having a coaching mindset.

He said there are so many talented and well skilled youths in the CNMI who are enthusiastic to showcase their talents with any sports or employment organization.

Diaz believes in training the youth as whole which includes mind, body and character. The end goal, he added, is continuous growth to be the best version of themselves. This requires coaches who can develop and create a strong relationship with youth players or employees. The coach must find areas of common interest through numerous positive interactions over time.

“Leaders must display patience, kindness and a supportive attitude,” Diaz said. “A person with a coaching mindset is open-minded and can build trust with his or her team members. As a result, the team members are willing to go the extra mile for their organization.”


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