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CERTIFIED personal trainers can assist and guide individuals in meeting their fitness and health goals.

Individuals benefit from the inspiration and direction provided by a trainer whose main objective is to direct the trainee in a fitness journey to success.

Each certified personal trainer is unique and specializes in different areas. “As a personal trainer myself at Gold’s Gym Saipan, I do my best to be exposed to a variety of fitness specialties such as functional fitness, sports performance enhancement, primal calisthenics, therapeutic recovery, Pilates, group training, and one-on-one training,” said Gold’s Gym personal trainer Jerry Diaz. “Every individual who has an interest in achieving fitness is fortunate to meet a trainer that matches his or her expectations and has new ideas.”

There are personal trainers who go beyond exercises. They consider everything that could affect an individual’s body, and have in-depth knowledge about an individual’s weight, height, fat percentage, calories consumed and burned, and sleep pattern. These trainers are scientific and enjoy tracking fitness and measurable results.

There are personal trainers who believe in the saying, “No pain, no gain!” They prefer rigorous movements in building a strong and healthy physique. Their approach is tough, but it also leads to results.

There are trainers who are bodybuilders so they can help you acquire a bodybuilding physique. They use their experience and knowledge of strength training to help improve your lean muscle and burn fat. This personal trainer is perfect for someone who wants a toned and defined physique.

There are personal trainers who are super supportive and friendly. Anytime of the day or night, they are available to help meet an individual’s fitness needs. This type of personal trainer matches an individual’s mood and energy level with an appropriate training routine. This type of trainer provides extra support that can boost an individual mentally and emotionally.

Another type of trainer focuses solely on cardio conditioning which is important for a healthy heart and lungs. This approach also boosts calorie burn and fat reduction. This type of trainer will motivate individuals to rise up early morning to accomplish a 5k run, an hour swim, rowing or bike ride. If you love getting your heart pumped and endorphins boosted, then this trainer is for you.

There are personal trainers who provide fitness training to individuals who enjoy the scenery. These individuals prefer a mobile personal trainer who has access to fitness equipment that can be set up at an individual’s preferred location — whether at home or at the park.

Other personal trainers teach a boxing class or are front and center on a spin bike. As a group exercise instructor, they encourage and influence clients to give their 100 percent during a workout.

When it comes to personal training, many trainers are evolving to be more than just a conventional trainer. In order to stay ahead of the personal training world, personal trainers must gain experience and be flexible to meet the different fitness preferences of individuals who want to begin a fitness journey.







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